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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yoplait Light Now Using Splenda

I've posted previously about Aspertame and how hard it can be to find certain foods in a "light" or "diet" version without it.  It seems that some food companies are starting to "get it".  I've noticed more and more foods that are using Splenda or Truvia as a sweetener instead of Aspertame.  Here are just a few that I've noticed lately...

Yoplait "light" yogurt - Oddly enough just as I switched to their regular yogurt, I noticed that my husband's "light" yogurt is now sweetened with Splenda.  This makes me very happy as it seems like they have the most flavors available and they often have coupons available making their yogurt as cheap or cheaper than store brand yogurt.

Silk Soy Milk - Silk is now using Stevia as the sweetener in their soy milk.  My hubby switched over to Soy Milk about 6 months ago.  He discovered he liked the taste better than regular milk, after accidentally purchasing soy milk (you don't want to know).  Thanks to the use of Stevia, Silk has a lower amount of sugars than other brands of soy milk.

Diet Coke with Splenda - I'd previously posted about how this seems to only be available at Wal-mart, however I've seen it in other places since I posted, including Walgreens.  I still haven't tried it, mainly because I don't drink Coke a lot and partly because I still haven't seen it in singles and I don't want to spend the money on a 12-pack when I'm not sure I'll drink it.

I'm really happy to see Stevia and Splenda pushing Aspertame out of the market. I'm hoping that we will see more and more products change out their sweetener of choice, and give us more choices.
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