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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Supplement Report: Protandim

I posted a couple of months ago about a supplement called Protandim that my brother had brought me to try.  I'd posted that I hadn't seen any real effect from it on me so I stopped taking it.  That is still the case, however I wanted to post a little more about this product.  The reason my brother brought it to me is because he'd been taking it and had seen some changes (including a decrease in spider veins).  The product claims a lot of different things and it basically (from what I can tell) works as an anti-oxidant.  When he brought me a bottle he also brought one each for my Mom and Dad.  Talking to my mom, after a few weeks she felt that it was helping decrease the pain she'd been having in her knees. She said she didn't realize it until one day she noticed that she wasn't having to hold the hand rails when she walked up stairs.

The biggest effect we've seen though has been in my Dad.  He's diabetic and has heart issues and has had a lot of problems related to the two.  After a month on the Protandim, my mom told me that they'd noticed a definite decrease in my Dad's blood sugar readings.  They had been consistently better.  When he went to the Dr this month, for the first time in years his A1C reading was down to a normal range.  It had dropped 7 points since his last appointment.  They didn't tell the Dr about the Protandim, hoping that given another month they would continue to see his #'s hold and would tell him then.  They didn't want to jinx it or find that it was just a "fluke".  That was until today.  Today, I got a call that my Dad was being taken to the ER because his blood sugar was TOO LOW.  It had dropped too low and despite grabbing a piece of candy and having it go back up, it had dropped again.  It seems that they may actually have to decrease his insulin now because the Protandim is working so well.

Protandim Product Label
So what's in it? Protandim is made of 5 natural ingredients: Milk Thistle extract, Bacopa extract, Ashwagandha extract, Green Tea extract & Turmeric extract.

Hearing this and taking another look at their website, I'm considering giving it another try.  I talked to my brother about it this afternoon and he said he did learn recently that you shouldn't take/eat anything that has any of the ingredients of the Protandim within 2 hours of taking it (including Turmeric and several other things I was already and am taking).  So that may be why it didn't seem to have much effect on me.  That said, it's hard enough to remember all my pills the two times a day that I take things, so I don't want to add a third pill time to my day.  I may be able to take it at night though and avoid that problem, since I currently take pretty much all of my supplements in the morning.   Even if it did nothing for me, it's helped my family, and I'd say that helping 3 out of 4 people who use it is a pretty good thing and a really good return.  If you are willing to try alternative meds for a chance at improvement, I'd definitely say give this one a try.

Protandim on
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